Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Benefits, fundraisers!

YEY! There are so many awesome people where I grew up in Norway! One thing I can mention about my friends here, is that they are all about giving.
Last weekend we raised a lot of money to Rwanda. For the children soldiers to get medical and mental help, food and all the basic needs.

This friday, a good friend of mine Silje.. amazing artist (she sang at my wedding) is singing at a benefit concert together with Laymen to raise money for clean water in Bolivia. I'm dancing;)

I think these benefits are so necessary... not just to raise the money. But also for us - rich norwegians to again and again be reminded of how important it is to see others... to have compassion for other... to learn how to share.
God is doing so much in me concerning the poor....
I am praying for a great amount for the coming concert... please be praying with me!


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